Farewell, Sweet July

Hello! I am relishing a quiet, peaceful last morning of July here at home. I debated going to the beach, then thought I might run to Target and Wegman’s, stared glumly at the World Literature textbook I need to start re-reading and planning for September’s classes. In the end, the nicest choice won out: reading some poetry on my balcony and listening to the choir of birds chirping in-tune, out of tune, perching quickly on and off the railing to say hi.

Have you read Mary Oliver? She writes with such an observant, poignant, grateful eye. Take a look at this nugget from “Messenger”:

My work is loving the world./Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird–/equal seekers of sweetness.

Ah, I love that. Imagine if we were all “equal seekers of sweetness”?

I can’t wait to see what sweet simple joys August brings. Thank you, July, and farewell.

Mimi wishes I would open the screen door and let her out on the balcony.