Shenanigans for Kevin Bacon

I adore Kevin Bacon. He could act out the phone book and I would watch with glee. Give him the Oscar, the Golden Globe, an Emmy, some sort of Golden Ticket immediately.

So…imagine my squeal of delight as I spotted his band’s name on the boardwalk marquee this morning after a blissful walk on the beach. Then, wait, is that … holy cow! It’s his tour bus pulling up right underneath our condo’s balcony.  I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I jumped out of my chair to run inside and put on a nicer tank top and shorts (dress is veeery casual at our vacation getaway here) and then returned to hang over the balcony with my iPhone camera poised in position. My sister scolded me for staring, opting to play it cool, but every ounce of cool I may have possessed flew off the railing with the seagulls.

Well, we missed him at that juncture, the bus departed, and Emily and I carried on with our vacation Monday, until…the bus returned! Now, in an unexpected turn of events, Sister contracted Kevin Bacon Fever and tore off up to the Music Pier to wait for a sighting. I could barely catch up with her in my flip flop feet, frizzy hair, and, uh, no brassiere (in my haste to follow her I forgot to put it back on!).  I’m lucky nothing flew out of my old, saggy tank top as I ran after her.  So now there we are, standing outside the stage door as the brothers finished playing their set (which sounded amazing, by the way), two goobers giggling like schoolgirls up to no good.

We waited. We waited. They played a couple of encores. We waited some more. We got to talking and laughing with two other ladies waiting for our star to appear. Emily marched toward the concert hall to try to peek through the doors, only to be chased down and yelled at by the “security guard” (who looked younger than some of my sophomores). We waited. I took a photo of the exit door to make sure my phone’s camera was focusing. Emily got to talking with another one of the staff….Wait, what? <insert sound of screeching brakes> He’s already left the building? <insert a loud, distorted, slow motion Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo>

And so, my friends, it turns out that good things do come to those who wait, just not necessarily the things that were expected. Kevin Bacon was whisked away to safety out of another door and is already sleeping soundly, relieved to have evaded the two googly-eyed female stalkers spotted lurking by the Exit.  And two sisters are still laughing themselves silly over their night filled with shenanigans by a starlit summer sea.

A Few of My Favorite Kevin Bacon Films:

  1. Footloose
  2. She’s Having a Baby
  3. The Big Picture
  4. Apollo 13
  5. Mystic River
  6. The Following (Television series)

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