Revel by the Sea

Sometimes the simple moments that fill a life with joy require fewer words than others. A photo or two can do the trick. Take a peek below into my past couple of days as I savor the tail end of summer vacation by the shore…and enjoy.

An early-morning walk by the sea, where only the fishermen, a couple of boats, and a gigantic sky keep me company.

small morning sea


With sandy flip flops and salt in my hair, I meander back through sidewalks of flowers and cozy cottages.

IMG_1931   IMG_1930



Stop at a farmers market and breathe in even more deep, fresh scents and colors…a revel for the senses.

IMG_1861 (2)   IMG_1875.JPG


Such pockets of beauty and wonder everywhere. All ours for the taking.

Suddenly it feels a bit cooler as throngs of sleepy beachgoers trudge back to cars or cottages, their carts overflowing with umbrellas and chairs, sand pails brimming with shells.  The hot, vast sky turns periwinkle-pink and the sun begins her do-si-do with the moon, who just keeps on pulling tides and making waves, pulling, making.  And though I am quite sleepy myself, I feel her pull me too; bedtime will have to wait.

IMG_1887 (2)


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